Tuesday, October 2, 2012

tinkering around but never mastering javascript

I normally hack javascript when i need to, but i have noticed that many people also do this.The reason for this i attribute to the internet and especially google.

There are plenty of resources on the internet offering solutions on how to deal with a specific problem, so one ends up googling how to do something in javascript without going through the basics of the language.

What we end up with is skills at googling and fixing problems but no mastership of the language.This can be said to be the double edge of having plenty of resources available at your finger tips.

For instance, stack overflow is an excellent resource.But i think one should turn to stack as the last resort.The habit of rushing to stack overflow and copying code does not offer any self improvement.A better alternative would be to hit the docs and read a good portion.Still this should come after attempting to solve the problem.

Nevertheless programming is a craft thats all about experience, if you continue hacking at javascript each day for 10 years, you'll eventually master it, but the point is it would be easier if you took time to go through the docs and learn the basics of a language.

This goes for jquery too, its possible to use jquery without knowing a good portion of javascript.This is a bad idea and sooner or later, if you're writing serious code, problems are going to arise that need more than just the basic knowledge of jquery.

So what will be the right time to master javascript?
Why not try a daily schedule.Taking on a chapter a day, there are plenty of good books on javascript out there.

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